"Nature By Numbers" Explains The Math In Nature - Beautifully

Created by Cristóbal Vila, this video manages to explain how everything, from snails to flowers, is built according to predictable mathematical principles. Numbers have never been more sublime. [via Etérea Studios]


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I wish I wasn't so math illiterate (ilmatherate?). I've watched this video a few times now in a row, and while the graphics and the music are beautiful, I just can't make heads or tails of it. Okay, yes, the Nautilus is a perfect example of the Golden Mean—they taught me that in first year design. But as for the other numbers... well, honestly, to me either I couldn't see the connection or it looked hand-picked. What does 135 degrees have to do with anything? How would a plant "arrive" at that conclusion for seed patterns? I just don't understand, and feel the worse off for it. :(