Naturally, Faith Healing Has Evil Consequences On Constantine

What happens when a snake-handling preacher gets miraculous healing abilities? Well, given that this is Constantine, we know it won't be anything good. But while John tries to solve the mystery behind the healings, we get a few more hints about Zed's past.

This week's episode finds us in a Pentecostal church, where a nervous preacher is getting ready to take over for his father. Our preacher is suffering from a bit of religious machismo, insisting on handling the venomous snakes over his sister's sensible objections. She protests that he's going to get himself killed just like his father did—and the newbie preacher does just that, dropping dead from a snakebite in the aisle.


He gets better, though. In fact, once he revives with a feather in his hand, he's capable of performing miracle healings. And these aren't those, "Oh, my headaches aren't really gone but I'll say they are" miracles; he's regrows a dude's leg. Naturally, his church becomes a Mecca for people desperate for a miracle cure, and soon John and Zed are attending services as well, but with different motivations. With a little help from Manny, they discover the owner of the feather, Imogen, an injured angel who has been rendered corporeal and whose magic is powering those healings, and creating mindless ghouls in the process.

This episode does two major things: First, it establishes Manny's place in the series a bit more, pointing out some of his powers and limitations. Manny reveals himself to John but not to Zed, and angels become corporeal when they're injured and brought into the mortal plane. And angels aren't part of some vast angelic hive mind. Manny couldn't detect that there was an injured angel on Earth and he didn't realize—until Zed succeeded in returning Imogen's feather—that Imogen was actually a fallen angel. Heaven needs a better communications system. But at least he's able to use that possessing people's bodies power for something other than annoying Constantine. While Imogen is holding onto Zed, Manny possesses Zed and rips out Imogen's heart. Neat.

John does his thing, using his knowledge of supernatural lore to battle ghouls and realize that our twitchy preacher was actually bound for Hell and not Heaven when he died and encountered Imogen. But it's Zed who forms the second major component of this episode. As much as John grumbles that at some point, she'll have to let him be the mysterious one, she remains cagey about her past. But she does let slip that she has been burned by notions of faith in the past, even if she'd like to believe in something greater than herself.


The biggest Zed tease, though, comes at the end of the episode. A model from Zed's art class asked her out early in the episode, and by episode's end, she's completely forgotten about the date and stood him up. It's a good thing too, because there's a man wearing a giant crucifix in the back of her date's car and he's impatient to get his hands on Zed. Fans of the comics know who Zed is on the run from, and in next week's mid-season finale, it looks like they'll catch up with her.


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