National Treasure 3 Gets the Green Light to Steal Increasingly Obscure Historical Documents

Nic Cage and Diane Kruger in National Treasure.
Nic Cage and Diane Kruger in National Treasure.
Image: Disney

The first National Treasure movie had a demented but compelling premise: Nicholas Cage is a treasure hunter, and there’s a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Let’s steal it. National Treasure 2 was likewise about historical secrets hidden in... John Wilkes Boothe’s... diary? Presumably, National Treasure 3 will be about the map to Atlantis that Abraham Lincoln hid in his court briefs.


We’ll find out before too long: Variety reports that National Treasure 3 has been greenlit at Disney, with Jerry Bruckheimer attached to produce and Chris Bremner (Bad Boys For Life) set to write the script. The first two films starred Nicholas Cage alongside Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger, Harvey Keitel, and Jon Voight. No word yet on whether or not any of the principles will return, but it seems unlikely they’d continue a franchise that was always a Nic Cage vehicle without Nic Cage.


The real question, though, is what sort of prize Cage’s treasure hunter, Benjamin Franklin Gates*, will find. Conquistador gold? Nazi gold? Maybe they’ll find the secret to importing the X-Men universe into the MCU without it feeling forced. Who knows.

*Subtlety is not National Treasure’s deal, y’all.

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YES YES YES... Script Idea, The President enlist Benjamin Franklin Gates and his team to go back in time (yes, we have a time travel machine that we got from the Aliens in Rosewell) and put back historical documents where they belong. (its seems a group of nazis wants to destroy america by altering or destroying our important documents). Time travel hijinx as in Endgame/back to the future where present and past characters meet.

Jason Mamoa, Dwane Johnson, and Jason Statham will join the original cast.

Bad Guy / Leader Of Nazi Group: Gary Busey

Soundtrack: Pitbull does a cover of Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time