National Geographic recently sat down with McKenzie Funk – author of the new book Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warmingto learn about how businesses hope to make money from climate change. "Basically," says Funk, "the more north you are, the more likely some of the effects are going to be positive." Read the full interview here.

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To be fair, the article itself is pretty realistic, saying that most of the speculation is extremely short-term and a lot is based on hubris. But it reveals a new trend in denialism: as the fact that climate change is already happening becomes impossible to dismiss, denialists switch to "OK, climate change is happening. But it's a GOOD thing! We'll make money from it!"

Hedge funds on water rights. Independence movements in a depopulated northern country with no military. Investment in Arctic regions claimed by multiple countries. There are people who think capitalism is going to survive climate change. They actually, really do believe this.

Yeah - half of the world's interior breadbaskets turning to deserts, the world's most productive agricultural land in coastal river deltas ruined by salt water and flood damage, close to two billion people in Asia (the majority of whose governments control nuclear weapons) desperate in the dry-season just for water that they used to get from rivers fed by vanishing Himalayan glaciers, and meanwhile, in the north, vegetation transplanted from the south that was adapted for heat not getting enough sunlight or a long-enough growing season while billions of dollars in infrastructure is sinking into the melting permafrost...

Not to mention the 13% of the world's population who once lived in low elevation coastal area that are now-underwater and/or superstorm-ravaged suddenly homeless...

Not to mention the vulnerability of populations with no resistance to tropical diseases now having to deal with outbreaks of malaria and dengue fever or worse...

With all that food insecurity, water insecurity, spreading disease, international tension over dwindling vital resources and growing numbers of climate refugees — these people actually think capitalism is going to survive.