Just a sweet little moment we had to share with you from the Firefly panel at New York Comic-Con. Jewel Staite and Sean Maher were together toasting to the 10-year reunion and talking old times in the big black. They were joined "by phone" by Nathan Fillion. But the joke was on Jewel; Fillion was there the whole time. Here they are, mid-hug. Aw.


The rest of the evening proceeded onwards with a small sneak peek of the Firefly 10th Anniversary special from the Science Channel, and was peppered with adorable little quotes like this from Nathan and Jewel.

Here are Joss Whedon's rules for his space show (from long before it had premiered):

Fillion: [Joss' rules were] "No sound in space, bad guys wear hats..."

Staite: Except for Jayne.

Fillion: Uh, bad guys wear hats.