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Nathan Fillion Has Way Too Much Fun With Minority Report's Shiny Dystopian User Interface

The gestural interface that looked so shiny in Minority Report has turned up everywhere since then, and now it's cheap enough that it's in the FBI's war room, on Castle. Allowing Nathan Fillion to have too much fun bursting windows.

Remember when that gestural interface was new and fancy? Based on a concept developed by MIT's Tangible Media Group, it was developed for Minority Report by production designer Alex McDowell, among others. (McDowell's so into gestural interfaces, he's actually using them to make movies, rather than just showing them in movies now. He's taught a class on how to use gestural interfaces for "immersive" film-making, at USC.) And designer Mark Coleran put similar gestural interfaces into The Island, Blade II and lots of other movies. Even James Bond had one, in Quantum Of Solace.


But you know the future has arrived when Rick Castle can enjoy spinning windows with his finger. Also in last night's Castle: a scuzzy perp called Nathan Fillion "Captain America." (Randomly, this aired on the same day the real Captain America, Chris Evans, was cast.) And we learned that Castle's mom was previously married to the Incredible Hulk. [thanks Matt!]

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I want Fillion off this idiot procedural.