Nathan Fillion explains the secret of creating an epic hero

Nathan Fillion has given rise to some of our greatest heroes, from Firefly's Mal Reynolds to The Holy Avenger in Super. We asked him what's the secret of creating a truly epic hero, and here's what he said.


According to Fillion,

The secret of creating an epic hero is allowing the hero to fail. The age of the hero that's, "I know just who to call. He's the best man that ever lived." That era of hero is over. The Rambo that cannot fail. The super-invulnerable, can throw a knife at a hundred yards at a dead... We need a hero who's a real man who can actually fail. Indiana Jones was my first experience with that. There's a guy who got punched, and beat up and abused and bruised, and cut and stuck - and then wins in the end. That's the guy I like. And I think that's the secret to an epic hero.

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That is most definitely the way to make a great hero today. Look at successful movies recently. Take The Dark Knight for instance, where he gets completely beaten at the point where he *spoilers for the two people who haven't seen the Dark Knight yet* only manages to save Harvey (unintentionally) and even then Harvey gets seriously messed up.

Nathan Fillion is probably my favorite actor because... Well... He's awesome. I mean, Mal in Firefly? Awesome. Can you even imagine anyone else as Captain Hammer? He's definitely the best part of Castle, a show which I'm absolutely in love with, but then, murder mystery shows are probably my favorite genre, tied with Sci-Fi shows.

Speaking of which, we need someone to make a Sci-Fi murder mystery show. A murder mystery show set on a giant space station hundreds of years in the future, reminiscent of the Citadel in Mass Effect. They wouldn't even need aliens. Seriously, that would be so freaking awesome. I'm sure there must be a semi-large crossover in the two fanbases, I can't be the only Sci-Fi nerd who loves murder mystery shows like Psych, Castle, White Collar, and others like that.