Nathan Fillion commands you to read, Boba Fett does dapper, plus zombie dice and toys!

Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got a mash-up Victorian Star Wars, Nathan Fillion reads, more depressing oil spill things, zombie dice, knockoff toys, odes, and much more!

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Tip: Evil: it gets the job done.

It turns out that being motivated by good or evil can actually make you more effective in your efforts! This probably comes as a "duh" to any of us well-versed in the realm of superherodom but Mathmos brought us an article about it:

According to this Harvard psychologist's research, believing you're doing good or evil boosts strength and endurance. Evil is more effective.


Tip: I say good chaps, I do believe the rebels have arrived!

Victorian Star Wars. Need I say more?

Ash (Not From Pallet Town) has the story:

CG modeler Greg Peltz has done some truly awesome Victorian Star Wars portraits.


Check out the rest of Greg's posts as well - he seems like a pretty groovy futuristic dude.

Tip: Nathan Fillion endorses reading.

I declare illiteracy solved!

GirlLibrarian shared this photo:

Nathan Fillion is on an ALA Read poster. It will be available in July.

My nerd circuits are overloading right now. Nathan Fillion? Libraries? LOVE. He is holding the book The Softwire: Awakening on Orbis 4. []


Tip: Feel depressed about the Gulf spill? Be prepared to reach new lows.

EdificeComplex shared with us this site that brings the reach of the spill into a new light:

How big is the Gulf Oil Disaster?Visualize it in reference to your geographic area.

Here's the oil spill in relation to southeast Michigan.


Tip: I'm sure you've never wanted Yahtzee combined with Evil Dead but you'll want this.


drk_cyde brought us this awesome awesomeness:

Don't know if this has been posted or not, but goddam, sounds like a blast. Zombie Dice!


Here's a dude showing how it works:

Tip: Now bringing you... SPECIALMAN!

This has to be one of my favorite tips ever, brought to us by Dustin Luck:

I just saw this list of hilarious foreign knock-off toys. There are some hilarious sci-fi ones like "Specialman" (Superman) and "Robert Cop" (RoboCop).


I must say, I'm most fond of Spaderman.


I'm just imagining James Spader as Peter Parker and, I must say, it seems like a good casting choice. I'm not saying he should get it over Donald Glover but, still, don't rule it out.

And now for Roklimber's science-y/cool picks!

Two awesome very recent TED talks:

Michael Shermer: The pattern behind self-deception


Peter Tyack: The intriguing sound of marine mammals

If you're interested in brain-related research, you've probably heard of Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, more commonly known as Rama. He's brilliant, funny, and a great communicator.

Here's an interesting (though long) talk he gave at Princeton last year.



28 Awesome and Crazy X-Rays

Should you test your genes?


Volcanos, volcanos, volcanos...

Courtesy of APOD:

Interesting TED talk about 4chan.

Christopher "moot" Poole: The case for anonymity online

In conclusion, here is something that is just too sweet for me to not include. the_fonz wrote an absolutely awesome Ode to io9 so here it is:

~Ode to io9~

To get my news,
there are many sites I check,
but the first is io9,
and the #observationdeck,

From The Doctor to The Hobbit,
To cover the fiction,
to post-apocalyptic visions
to cover prediction,

There's art for the eyes,
There's books for the brain,
No matter what's posted,
It's sure to entertain,

An occasional post does aim to exceed,
but they're usually tagged #horror,
like The Human Centipede.

There's vampires and robots,
sea monsters and science,
Wil Wheaton in clown sweaters,
and the Rebel Alliance,

This place is my home,
the people are great,
Till the next post is made,
It's well worth the wait.


Bravo, sir and/or madam. Bravo.

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