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Natalie Portman Will Be Taking Up the Hammer as the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder

The true Thor.
The true Thor.
Illustration: Marvel Comics

Ever since Jason Aaron’s fantastic run made Jane Foster, the Mighty Lady Thor, one of the most arresting characters in the Marvel Universe, we’ve been wondering: Will the movies follow suit?


Oh, heck yes they will be.

As announced at San Diego Comic-Con today, Natalie Portman, reprising her MCU role as Jane Foster, will be taking up the hammer in the fourth Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, this one directed by Taika Waititi. What this means for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Odinson is unclear, but, honestly, I’m not worried about that right now: Lady. Thor. Yes. Good.


Also, just saying, Tessa Thompson mentioned at the panel that Valkyrie would be looking for her “Queen,” a reference to the bisexuality Valkyrie was supposed to have in Thor: Ragnarok. So, uh, maybe Jane Foster will get a new girlfriend? Just spitballing, here. Please, Marvel, give this to us. We deserve it.

Thor: Love and Thunder is slated to hit theaters November 5, 2021.


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Advanced Dorkness

I hope this doesn’t mean Chris Hemsworth’s out as Thor.