Natalie Portman and Marvel team up to get girls into science careers

Natalie Portman and Marvel are joining together in hopes of inspiring an entire generation of Jane Fosters. The Ultimate Mentor Adventure is a program/contest that wants to connect girls 14 and up to meet, work with and learn from the most successful women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Obviously, it's inspired by Portman's Thor character Jane Foster, who is an astrophysicist. To enter the contest, girls must interview a successful woman working in a STEM career in their hometown, and submit it along with an application and a 5-minute video about themselves. The winners not only get to meet the world's most successful women in STEM fields, but also attend the Thor: The Dark World premiere in L.A. on November 8th which will also premiere a documentary about the Ultimate Mentor Adventure and its participants. You can (and should) get all the details here.


There's nothing that isn't awesome about this (except maybe the fact that the contest is restricted to girls living in the continental U.S.). Hopefully that will be changed for Thor 3-tied contest, because I definitely hope this sticks around.

[Via The Mary Sue]

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