Danica Patrick’s car is No. 10, ie the one that nearly explodes.

Danica Patrick’s Wonder Woman-branded NASCAR was engulfed in flames after getting into a wreck at the Go Bowling 400 at Kansas Speedway on Saturday. The powers of Princess Diana of Themyscira seemed to protect Patrick, who walked away unscathed, but another driver was injured in the crash.

According to Fox Sports, Patrick and Joey Logano were battling each other for 11th place when a mechanical failure (that commenters suggested was a brake rotor) exploded on Logano’s car, causing him to veer into Patrick’s car and send her crashing into the wall. Both cars were then hit by Aric Almirola.


Both Patrick and Logano walked away from the crash, but emergency personnel struggled for 15 minutes to extract Almirola from his car, eventually cutting the top off to get him into an ambulance. He was taken to the hospital, and it’s since been reported that he has a compression fracture in his back. Almirola has an exhibition race coming up on May 20, but it’s unknown if he’ll be fit to drive it. Luckily, if he drops out, it won’t affect his standing in the championship.


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