NASA's Art Contest For Kids Yields Results Impressive and Adorable

NASA's Langley Research Center held an art contest for K–12 students in the Hampton Roads Virginia Area. This year's theme was "The Future Is Now." "The idea was for young artists to take technologies that once seemed far away and explore how they were becoming reality today," said Kristina Ruhlman, LaRC outreach specialist.


First place went to 11th grader Rachel Pike's "The Rainbow Nebula," which appears above. The other entries, while not as aesthetically refined, make up for it with imaginative gusto. Check out the full lineup at the NASA LaRC Art Contest flickr pool.

Sophia O'Conner – Kindergarten Honorable Mention


Savannah Gizaw – First Place, 2nd Grade


Angela Preisach – First Place, 3rd Grade

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