Illustration for article titled NASA spots Cookie Monster on Mercury

Clusters of craters can resemble all kinds of everyday objects. On the surface of giant asteroid Vesta, for example, three craters positioned in a line give rise to a terrestrial formation commonly known as "Snowman". In the photo featured up top, three craters in "superposition" bear a striking resemblance to one cookie-crazed muppet. Says NASA:

Anyone else think this looks like the Cookie Monster? The superposition of younger craters on older craters (in this case two smaller craters upon the rim of an older crater) can result in landforms that appear to resemble more familiar shapes to human eyes. More generally, the Law of Superposition allows scientists to determine which surface features pre- and postdate others, leading to a better understanding of the geological history of different regions of Mercury's surface.


Good eye, NASA. Let us know when you find the Yip-Yips on Mars, will you?


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