Have you met Ebb and Flow? The twin spacecraft entered lunar orbit last month with aims of uncovering the mystery of the Moon's formation.


Part of NASA's Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) project, each of the probes is equipped with its very own "MoonKAM," which stands for Moon Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students. Middle schoolers around the country will use videos like this one to help NASA scientists pick out and more closely image points of interest on the Moon's surface. This particular clip is of the Moon's far side, and was shot on January 19th by Ebb's MoonKAM.

According to NASA:

In the video, the north pole of the moon is visible at the top of the screen as the spacecraft flies toward the lunar south pole. One of the first prominent geological features seen on the lower third of the moon is the Mare Orientale, a 560-mile-wide (900 kilometer) impact basin that straddles both the moon's near and far side.

The clip ends with rugged terrain just short of the lunar south pole. To the left of center, near the bottom of the screen, is the 93-mile-wide (149 kilometer) Drygalski crater with a distinctive star-shaped formation in the middle. The formation is a central peak, created many billions of years ago by a comet or asteroid impact.


Read more about the GRAIL and MoonKAM projects over at NASA.
Video courtesy of NASA