The results of the "space craft" contest sponsored by NASA and Etsy are in, and the finalists include some of the coolest home-made space art we've ever seen. Here are some of our favorites.

According to a NASA press release:

Contestants entered an original handmade item or work of art inspired by NASA programs, such as the space shuttle, human spaceflight, aeronautics, science and exploration of the universe.

Colleen and Eric Whiteley from Brooklyn received the Grand Prize for Best of Show for their detailed design of the Northstar Table. The table features a North Star design that, when pressed, opens a hidden drawer.

NASA's goal for the contest was to help inform Etsy's 5.8 million members, the majority of whom are women, most near age 35, about the agency's present and future exploration plans. NASA astronaut Steve Robinson attended the judging on March 18 at the Etsy Labs community space in Brooklyn.


The Northstar Table is pictured above — the gallery includes more of our favorites among the finalists. [Etsy]

Life on Mars by horsedrawncarriage


Spacewalk Bunny — Heirloom quilt by cottontailquilts

Space Shuttle Fleece Hat by ObeyMyBrain


Rocketship Sterling Silver Necklace by recklesseyestudio

Baby's First Launch Kit by Cadence Cases


NASA Discovery Space Shuttle STS 133 Calligram Art Large Unmatted Print by Joni James on Etsy