It's spring planting season and NASA is getting in on the action with a vegetable garden bound for the International Space Station.

The experimental garden will be grown in a sealed, expandable chamber which researchers are calling Veggie. Their first crop will be Outredgeous lettuce, a red romaine variety that we can confirm tastes pretty good within the confines of Earth's atmosphere. But researchers say they Veggie can support all kinds of "salad-type crops." (So far just the lettuce, but who knows? Perhaps a pepper or a cucumber or two will show up there as well.)


The purpose of the experiment is to test both for capability and safety of growing crops in space. But waste not, want not, food and space fans! In addition to being an experiment, researchers are also hoping to eat their results.

It's not quite a plot of basil and turnips on the moon yet, but we're getting pretty close.


Images: NASA / Gioia Massa.