NASA explains all the ways the world won't end in 2012

Just in case you're not 100% convinced that we won't meet our death from above on December 21st, 2012, Don Yeomans of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab is here to explain why the Mayan calendar, solar storms, the planetary alignment, and pole shifts won't bring the world to an end — at least not any time soon. He also debunks the ridiculous claim that every astronomer in the world is part of a vast global conspiracy to hide the truth about the coming apocalypse. Of course, that is exactly what a member of a vast global conspiracy would do. [via Geekosystem]


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I find it interesting that people can believe this man and his 3 minutes and 30 seconds of debunking because he's a scientist and really have no questions for him....

He really answered nothing. The problem with scientists today is they stopped being real scientists and thinking critically. Even Einstein would have laughed at him. They are so worried about writing their papers for their peer reviewed journals, they can't exercise their imaginations to have an original thought.

I will address only a few points (not that I am saying that the World WILL end on 21 Dec 2012), but just be open minded about it, OK? :

1) Of course the Mayans knew and told everyone that their Calendar was only ending on that date, and a new Calendar was to begin the day after. But you have to understand the context of that, and you have to understand the context of their 3 separate calendar systems. Please do your own research into this before dismissing this subject. This really is IMPORTANT. This is the end of a major cycle. This means something MAJOR.

2) Nibiru: Maybe it exists, maybe it doesn't. And maybe there is a brown dwarf companion to our Sun and maybe there isn't. But there are respectable Astronomers who have stated that something is affecting the orbits of trans-Uranian objects (though they are in the minority). Some have even said that if Nibiru or a rogue planet or large planetoid like body was to come calling, it could be hid by the Sun, and it's very possible we might not see it, until 5-6 months before arrival.

3) He's completely wrong on Solar Storms. This is supposed to be a Solar Max year starting now, getting stronger towards the end of the year (the height will be 21 Dec 12) and culminating in February/March 13. NASA, in 2006 tried to assuage these fears by saying this was not going to be a strong Solar Max Year similar to 1859 (which reportedly caused actual forest fires). However, the fact that since January we've already had 4 Solar Flares with CMEs in the X-range have already proved them wrong.

4) A Polar Shift would be catastrophic in many ways... GPS, satellites, etc., etc., etc.... We're overdue for one. And no it doesn't happen gradually. Research shows it happens suddenly and ALWAYS accompanied with sever climatological changes and crustal displacements. Laugh at those all you want, but this theory will gain more traction eventually.

I can keep going like this, but the problem is, skeptics will continue being skeptics for the sake of laughing at the nut-jobs who believe in the end of the world. But I don't think all of these people are nut-jobs. A lot of these people are normal like you and me, and dismayed that they are being ignored.

Well, I am not saying the World is going to end this year like that crazy pastor last year, but I maintain a crazy skepticism, and I am armed, with adequate supplies for when the stuff hits the proverbial rotor.......