NASA Curiosity Scientist Ashwin Vasavada discusses human missions to Mars

Looking at photos of the surface of Mars as a kid, NASA scientist Ashwin Vasavada says he viewed Mars as exotic, but not that exotic. And when you think about it, that description makes a lot of sense; after all, Mars is likely to be the first planet in the galaxy (other than Earth, obviously) to host a human settlement on its surface.

In this, the second installment in thnkrtv's EPIPHANY series, Vasavada — NASA's Deputy Project Scientist for the Mars Curioisty mission — discusses how Curiosity is helping pave the way for human exploration, and why a human brain will always be the best option when it comes to in-situ planetary exploration.


Check out the rest of the EPIPHANY series over on thnkrtv's YouTube Channel.

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