Naked Fargos And New Loves, In Eureka Season 4

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We scored some details on Eureka's next season from Salli Richardson-Whitfield, who plays the strong-willed and gorgeous Allison Blake. Turns out Alice might have a little competition this season... and Fargo might have less clothes.


So there were a lot of changes last year. We lost a character and we gained a character. Where does the new season start for you?

Well we have to deal with the pregnancy, and we have to deal with Sheriff Carter geting fired. Obviously he can't be fired. So he has to come back. I think that gets fixed within two episodes or so. And I was actually pregnant in real life, so I definitely got bigger. We deal with all those things.


So what's new for everyone else on Eureka?

Carter gets a love interest this season, which obviously - even though I'm pregnant, and I'm getting married - it bothers me. And what does that mean for us? We gotta get rid of this girl. But she's a friend of mine, so it gets a little complicated. I don't want to give too much away, but it gets a little complicated.

So what kind of gizmos can we be excited about this year from Eureka?

Well we had something that took us to a different dimension, and for some reason we don't know those people are in the room, but they're trying to get back. For some reason, that's the only one that I can hold onto in my mind right now.


So last year there was the big Sheriff shower scene. Who else is getting naked in Eureka this season?

I'm trying to think if he's naked again this year, I don't think so but I think we get to see Fargo running around naked, in a different color. For some reason he's blue or green, and running around naked.


Your character was completely changed last year. Are there any other characters that go through the challenges you did this year?

All I can say that people are going to like the character they bring on as Colin's love interest [Sheriff Jack]. They have really great chemistry.


We've missed this sweet little science fiction comedy. I'm excited to have it back in my life, and fingers crossed that we haven't seen the last of the smarmy Nathan Stark.

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What really pisses me off about the show is its blatant anti-intellectualism. There are people on the show that are 2-3 times smarter than Carter - and yet he always saves the day through his earthy common-sense know-how. It's like the writers are trying to say that education, intellect, and hard work don't matter - as long as you are fast and good-looking, you are going to win anyway.