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Nacho Carbonell's Mutant Furniture

Illustration for article titled Nacho Carbonells Mutant Furniture

Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell believes that chairs can mutate—and will, when given the opportunity. Evolution, his new collection, shows how a public park bench can become into a private pod chamber for people to crawl into when they're feeling antisocial. There's also a pod-like makeout chamber for lovers.

Illustration for article titled Nacho Carbonells Mutant Furniture

The lovers seat provides a private make-out chamber for tentacled aliens who don't want to freak out passersby when they kiss. Carbonell pasted recycled paper onto iron frames covered with textured chicken wire to create this effect.


Nacho Carbonell main page via Dezeen

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I love the concept, but it is just rife for abuse by sickos, perverts, and other such unsavory characters. Put it in semi-public places like museums, business lobbies, etc... and I can see these being very popular.

Put them in parks or subway stations, and I can see there being a lot of nasty things left behind for the next art lover to take a seat.