It’s been less than a month since Mythbusters aired its final episode after it was canceled late last year. Actually, I guess we should call it the “formerly final” episode, as the Science Channel has just confirmed that the show is living on... but with new hosts, found through a reality TV competition.

Announced in The Hollywood Reporter, Search for the Next MythBusters will find 15 candidates out of anyone who signs up to perform a series of stunts and an ominously nebulous use of “social media” to determine whether or not they have the chops to use science, DIY know-how, and the ability to blow things up in a fancy manner, to debunk (or prove) common myths.


It seems like a pretty bizarre thing to announce so soon, right after the Science Channel went through the big hullabaloo of ending Mythbusters after 14 seasons under the auspices of Savage and Hyneman. But if you were sad about a future without Mythbusters in your lives, well, that’s no longer the case. Will it be just as enjoyable with new hosts though?

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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