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Mystical Phenomena Haunt Two Women in the Trailer for H.

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Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia's H. will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival Sunday, January 25th. They've already won a Film Independent Spirit Awards' "Someone To Watch Award" based on the strenght of H. And it is a doozy of a tale, following two women named Helen and the eerie events that follow them wherever they go.


The trailer below backs up the transcendent weirdness of the film's premise, described this way:

In Troy, New York, two women, both named Helen, carry on seemingly complacent existences with their respective partners. Middle-aged Helen lives with husband Roy and finds comfort from a "reborn" baby doll. Meanwhile, successful young artist Helen is expecting a child with her noncommittal partner. Foreboding signs begin to appear: a meteor reportedly crashes nearby; people go missing; and inexplicable, life-altering changes spiral the Helens' inert realities into a terrifying journey through unknown terrain.



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Great use of Arvo Part's "Fratres" in the last half of the trailer.

Hopefully, this will show up at some point, too.