Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return Is Coming Back For a Second Season

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Netflix’s rebooted Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return kept in tradition this year with a Thanksgiving marathon that just so happened to include a bit of good news for fans.

Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, and Joel Hodgson nonchalantly announced that Netflix had renewed The Return for a second season during their Thanksgiving marathon, with a segment of breaking news that sure to please folks who’re into the revival—which should be a lot of MST3k fans considering the first season was pretty great. Honestly, though, the best news is that Jonah’s finally going to buy that rowboat for two he’s been dreaming about forever.

No details about just when The Return would, well, return were revealed, but we’ll keep you updated as and when we learn more about season two.

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People dogged on it a bit, but I enjoyed it a lot.

I do think they should drop Felicia Day and just have Patton Oswalt, who’s clearly more into it that she is.