Is it an alien signal? An interdimensional portal? A supervillainous hypnosis ray? This mysterious spiral burst into the night sky over Northern Norway, leaving witnesses wondering just what caused it.

Witnesses throughout Northern Norway reported seeing a bright object spinning through the sky this morning, forming a brilliant spiral. According to air traffic reports, the phenomenon lasted for two minutes, too long to be an astronomical event, and it doesn't resemble any previously reported aurora.

So what caused the mysterious spiral? No one is sure, but the prevailing theory is fairly mundane. Several astronomers are speculating that an errant, spiraling rocket is responsible. Since no rockets were fired from the local Andøya Rocket Range this morning, the hypothetical rocket may have come from Russia.


Or, as one poster on Reddit suggests, it could just be the Sliders breaking into our universe:

[VG Nett (Translated) via Reddit]