Mysterious "Fargo On The Moon" Script Has Darren Aronofsky Interested

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What is Moonfall? All we know about is that it's a thriller that's being described as like Fargo, only set on the Moon. It's the work of actor/screenwriter David Weil, who had another script on the 2013 Black List of great unproduced screenplays. And a ton of people, including Darren Aronofsky, are jazzed.


Top image: NASA.

According to The Wrap, Moonfall "has Hollywood buzzing this week, having piqued the interest of several top filmmakers," including Aronofsky. The Noah director is " just one of several high-profile talents who has read and liked Weil's script," and although Aronofsky has had "exploratory talks," he hasn't committed to produce, much less direct, Moonfall yet. And other studios may wind up bidding on Moonfall, so it might not end up at Regency, where Aronofsky has a first-look deal.


The Wrap claims that there's been a rush among big studios to try and put a Moon film into development recently — although there aren't any examples listed. In any case, "Fargo on the Moon" sounds kind of great, whether Aronofsky directs or not. [via Slashfilm]

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Going to be hard to justify a wood-chipper on the moon. But I'm happy to go with it....for now...