Mysterious "Dream Man" Gets His Own Movie

Last year, we told you about a strange website chronicling thousands of people's dreams about the same man. Though the site was a hoax created by marketers, that isn't stopping Sam Raimi from producing a movie about it.


The good news is that writer/director Bryan Bertino isn't planning to go all Fourth Kind on us and keep the hoax going. In fact it almost sounds like the movie might have comic elements. Slashfilm reports:

A press release from Ghost House says the story is "based on real life accounts," and will follow "an ordinary guy who discovers that people he has never met are seeing him in their dreams. Now he must find out why he is the source of nightmares for strangers all over the world."

So basically the movie is about the guy featured on the original site, I'm hoping there's a little bit of Raimi zaniness in here, since there's an obvious "mistaken identity" scenario that could unfold on a cosmic scale. Director Bertino's last film, The Strangers, was a gleeful domestic torture movie based on some of the Manson killings. So you can at least expect a little mayhem.

via Slashfilm


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