Myst To Become A Hulu Series, But Only If You Can Solve This Puzzle

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Beloved computer game Myst is getting a Hulu series. We’re not sure whether or not this means we’ll be forced to solve puzzles in each episode, but we are interested. Also, puzzles are cool.

TV Line is reporting that Matt Tolmach of The Amazing Spider-Man and Evan Daugherty from Divergent are co-producing along with Hulu and Legendary to bring the weird computer world of Myst to streaming accounts everywhere. This is actually a pretty exciting idea; on one hand you have a smart scifi series to pull a story out of, and on the other, gobs and gobs of nostalgia. You can almost guarantee people tuning in for one episode (at the very least). No clue when it will come out, but you already have my attention as there was long a Myst screensaver on my family’s shared computer.

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The cast list will contain just 3 or 4 names, and none of the actors will have more than 5 minutes of total screen time. The rest of each episode will consist of the camera wandering randomly through deserted locations, interspersed with occasional close-ups of books.