The World War Z Movie Sequel Will Start With A "Clean Slate"

Illustration for article titled Thei World War Z/i Movie Sequel Will Start With A Clean Slate

The World War Z film adaptation of the hit book made a lot of money, but let's get real, it was nothing like the fantastic source material. Which is why we're happy that the sequel is going to be a "clean slate"... or maybe we're just cautiously optimistic.


In an interview with Indie Wire, sequel screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) revealed that his take would be a total clean slate, whatever that means:

"I thought, 'why not? What fun.' It's not quite like the other, we're starting with clean slate. When they've signed off we're on."


If we had to venture a guess, we'd ponder that the whole thing will have new characters and a new setting and just show the apocalyptic world from another perspective. And then pause for a Pepsi break.

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There Wolf, There Castle

My response to this is not the most eloquent or the most proper and for that I apologize. But, that said: Fuck Hollywood.

Only these money grubbing bastards could take a beyond amazing piece of writing, eviscerate it so that the final product of their abbatior is a watered down set piece action flick with almost no resemblance to the source material and then have the balls to say "Hey you know what? For the sequel, lets keep the name and see what else we can find to fuck up!"