My Mum Is An Aeroplane Is The Most Charming Cartoon You'll See All Week

It's a rare film that can instantly transport you to childhood, but the animated short My Mum is an Aeroplane does just that. As the title suggests, it's about a boy whose mother is an actual airplane and the adventures she has on an average work day.


Yulya Aronova's film feels like a storybook come to life, one filled with genuine, earnest wonder. It's so pleasant to visit this world where monuments fall in love, mountains doff their snowy caps, and alligators walk among humans for a pleasant stroll.

[via Short of the Week]



It's 'My Mum is an Aeroplane'. You've Americanised half the title into Airplane. It's a proper name (it's in the piece of work itself, not just a translation of the Russian title) and so you should respect its spelling. (If you're going to Americanise it, why not go the whole hog with 'My Mom is an Airplane'?)