Illustration for article titled emMy Little Pony/ems Lauren Faust Is Making An Animated Comedy About Medusa

Lauren Faust brought the magic of friendship—along with great writing and animation—to My Little Pony, and next she is turning her animation skills toward Greek mythology, with a movie about Medusa. Sounds like a winning combination.


According to The Wrap, Sony Animation has tapped Faust to direct their Medusa film, with a screenplay by Antz writer Todd Alcott. In this version of the story, Medusa is a decent girl who pisses off the wrong goddess and is transformed into a gorgon, that snake-haired monster whose gaze turns people to stone. True to Faust's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic form, Medusa will have to learn to embrace what makes her different. A funny Medusa film with Faust's strong sense of character and particular brand of feel-goodness? We're excited to see that.

'My Litte Pony' Creator to Direct 'Medusa' for Sony Pictures Animation [The Wrap via The Mary Sue]


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