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Get ready for the real life My Little High School Girls. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will mutate its main characters into real people, in a direct-to-DVD movie, called Equestria Girls. Behold horses acting like people.


The New York Times is reporting that the Equestria Girls movie is the first big move from Hasbro to expand the pony brand, into terrifying people. Thankfully the trailer has strayed from this horrifying concept art, where the pony people have ears and wings (I mean would would the bottom of the wings even be made out of? Human flesh and feathers... uuuh).

Illustration for article titled My Little Ponies to be turned into horrifying mutant Pony People

Instead, now the ponies just look like regular old girls who LOVE apples. All the same talent behind the original show is behind this movie — which will also air on The Hub — so we expect it to be cute and smart and thankfully free of horrifying mutants.

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