If ever you need a song to get yourself amped up for a convention, turn to this pony-filled video. The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crew espouses the joys of cosplaying, tabling, and just hanging back and tweeting about the panels in pitch-perfect song. Even if you don't watch My Little Pony, hit play.

Griffin Lewis and Jenny Nicholson wrote this song for last weekend's Canterlot Gardens. It's an amazingly well executed piece based on the Stephen Sondheim-inspired "At the Gala" musical sequence from the episode "Best Night Ever." Nicholson herself does the voices of all six central ponies, with other folks chipping in as the chorus (which takes everyone down a peg with a bit of gentle mocking). And each pony's convention expectations perfectly fit her personality. Now if only there was a press person pony who could sing about cosplay photo safaris and the joys of sleep deprivation.


[via Tor]