My Favorite Twitter Is a Ridiculous Steven Universe Parody Account

Blue and Yellow Diamond.
Image: Cartoon Network

TV show quotes are good. But made-up quotes are even better.

Steven Universe may be on a hiatus that is lasting, um, we have no idea how long, actually, but in the meantime silly internet content is giving me the regular dose of SU that I need. In particular, I’ve been enjoying the goofy nonsense that is incorrect steven universe (@incorrectsu), which pairs Steven Universe screenshots with quotes that are, well, incorrect. But they’re also usually amazing. And goofy, and they emphasize the show’s queerness by embedding weird internet humor from the queer fanbase into the show itself.


The idea of all the characters of Steven Universe as always-online gay disasters just warms my heart. There are a few Twitter accounts with this premise, for various properties, but this one is my favorite—the mixture of fandom and silly online nonsense just works perfectly. If you want a chuckle, I really recommend you check it out. Steven Universe fans are brilliant.


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