My Brain, My Mouse

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You've already heard about how people can learn to move a cursor with their mind using electrodes implanted in their brains, or elaborate shit wired to their heads in the lab. But now you can build your own brain-to-computer hookup right at home, using a home EEG kit, off-the-shelf electrodes, and a biosignal software package called BrainBay. Send your brainwaves through BrainBay, and save your hands from RSIs by turning your gray matter into a mouse. Or you can go much farther and send electrical signals from your brain over the Internet, activating remote computers.


You can also record the electrical activity in your brain and share that information on social networks. Once everybody is using BrainBay, or something like it, EEGs could become the basis for a new kind of friend-matching application. If you like your friend's brain, you might like the brain of a stranger who has the same electrical signature as your friend. And of course, let us not forget about the mythical brain-controlled sex toy, which I would like to own now please. Getty Image by John MacDougall.


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