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Filming for indie horror film The Taken is underway at a local camp in Martha's Vineyard, MA. Director Gabriel Cowan has been interviewing the local kiddies, to see whom will be infected with terror from the parasites that have unleashed upon this small town. The plot for The Taken focuses around an secret government camp that casts off ethics to play god. Now the rest of the world is subject to the horrors of this lab, as a foolish youth unleashes the DNA-warping wrath. But it's so much more than just your garden-variety outbreak: Cowan insists this film is also a cautionary tale relating indirectly to the Presidential campaign.In an interview with the Vineyard Gazette, Cowan explained the political undertones to his scifi piece:

"What the film is talking about is how becoming the thing you wish you could be can destroy you - just looking at the current political scene, both candidates sold their souls after securing the nomination."


The film's mutant parasite is actually a representative of a "cascade of negativity," which no doubt will have a snowballing effect on the characters. The familiar faces in the cast include Richard Riehle ("jump to conclusions guy from Office Space), Bryan Krause (Leo from Charmed) and Robert Culp. Filming will continue in Massachusetts until October. Photo by Jaxon White. More on location shots can be seen at the Vineyard Gazette.

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