Mutants Strike Sexy Glamour Poses For Wolverine

All the pretty boys from Wolverine Origins give their best over-the-shoulder action shots, in these new stills. Ryan Reynolds wins with the hand-in-the-pocket "I'm not really sure what Gambit is doing here either" look.

Wolverine's origin story hits theaters May 1st. But until then, we'll have to meditate on these glossy man-mutant pics, to tide us over. This movie is so testosterone-heavy with the giant sleeveless t-shirts, and Wolvie's tub shots, it's really surprising there isn't some secret society of all-male role players dressed up as our mutant heroes. Think of it: yellow tights, lots of fighting and biting and kissing and hugging...


Head on over to XMENFILMS to see the rest of the new stills.


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