Mutants Rock Out in This 80s and X-Men-Themed Music Video

The amount of work that Superhero Pop put into this video is insane, from the appearances of the characters to the pitch-perfect recreation of the 1980s. I’m kind of in love with this.


Dazzler (Gentry Roth) showed up in a fan video last year, but this one crushes it to death. It’s even canon-compliant, since Dazzler and Lila Cheney performed together in the comics. Here, Dazzler does back-up while Lila (Sage Montclair) does her very best Joan Jett impression.

Also, the entire New Mutants crew is here and there are other cameos strewn about the video with abandon. One guy in line at the club is wearing a Magneto shirt. This video is so much fun.

[via Comic Book Resources]

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Bring out Cats Laughing!

(Anyone who gets that joke is amazing.)