When James Cameron says that a movie sequel must be more awesome than the original, he's probably thinking of Hell Comes To Frogtown's sequel, Return To Frogtown. Just check out this frog-headed rock band and its gogo dancers!

The plot of Return To Frogtown is a little hard to discern, even after watching the whole thing, but basically Frogtown is now being run by a cyborg frog creature named Lord Frogzarius or something. And they've developed a serum that causes normal humans to mutate - and they're testing it on Lou Ferrigno. Yes, the whole movie is a giant metatextual joke about trying to turn the guy who played the Incredible Hulk green. by the end of the movie, Ferrigno is actually bright emerald, but doesn't look all that Hulky.

The only other truly great scene in the movie is when Lord Frogzarius captures one of Ferrigno's comrades, a female Rocket Ranger named Dr. Spangle, and demands that she strip for him. Which turns into the time-honored "strip tease turns into escape attempt" sequence.