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This rare mutant lobster has six claws

Occasionally, lobsters turn up with malformed claws due to a genetic mutation—but even among those lobsters, Lola is an oddity. On one side, she has a perfectly normal claw, and on the other, five mini-claws.


The ten-year-old lobster was caught in a trap off the coast of Hyannis, Massachusetts, and the captain and crew of the Rachel Leah (of the Discovery Channel's Lobster Wars) decided to donate the unusual creature to the Maine State Aquarium. Aquarium manager Aimee Hayden-Roderiques noted that sometimes lobsters turn up with claw abnormalities due to a genetic mutation (and the aquarium linked to an article about such abnormalities that includes a photograph of a three-clawed lobster), but she had never seen a lobster with five claws on one side. Now Lola has a home up in Maine, and is on public view.

Rare six-clawed lobster is caught off Massachusetts [GrindTV via Geekologie]

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Mutant rights! Don't you see fellow mutants this is what will happen to all of you... Do you want to be put on display for the amusement of humans? I am joining Magneto for equality!

On a more serious note, I wonder if there is any useful adaptation in the lobster's multi-claw. If beneficial in the wild, would such be an evolutionary step? I would be saddened to find out the mutation was simply the result of industrial poisoning.