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The monsters of Monsters vs. Aliens are back to battle a new threat: mutant pumpkins from outer space. In these five clips, our monstrous heroes try trick-or-treating and we learn why not to make Jack O'Lanterns out of sentient squash.


On October 28th, NBC is airing a Monsters vs. Aliens Halloween special, Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space. Our heroes will return to Modesto when a new alien presence is detected just before Halloween. It being Halloween, they naturally find that the city's pumpkins have transformed into mutant aliens and are wreaking havoc on the town.

The video below contains five clips from the special, in which we witness the pumpkins' alien origins, learn what Susan dresses as for Halloween, and watch the Missing Link try to impress his fellow trick-or-treaters.



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