Meet the Mojis. They're a family of aliens designed by artist Adriean Koleric, and they come from the underground of the vast expanses of goji berry fields in the Himalayas. They got mixed up in some crates full of goji berries and were haphazardly exported to the US.


According to Art MoCo:

According to legend as transmitted by Koleric, the rarely seen Moji "originates from the vast goji berry fields in the Himalayas. This ground burrowing creature eventually stowed away on goji filled crates destined for America. They now dwell unnoticed deep inside the produce displays, living off new varieties of produce and fruit which have contributed to the Moji's recent color change from muted cream to more vibrant hues such as orange and red."

Note: Goji berries are usually red. I know it sounds like a story the artist just made up, but who's to say it's not true? Make sure you check your carrots and potatoes inside and out next time you go grocery shopping.


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