Mutant Chronicles: Where Ron Perlman Is Mankind's Holy Savior

Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane and John Malkovich and cast posse up apocalypse-style, ready to fight bone-blade mutants in the new Mutant Chronicles flick. This apocalyptic movie has a cracker-jack scifi cast. Click through for a closer look, plus the latest "we're militant and dirty" movie poster.


Mutant Chronicles takes place in a dried-up Earth. The world was destroyed by warring companies: the Capitol, Bauhaus, Mishima and Imperial. When a fight opens up a sealed underground world, the world becomes overrun with the underworld inhabitants, necrmutants. The mutants all have long bone-blades protruding from their sides, which they use as weapons.

Instead of fleeing, Major Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane) and his gang of sexy soldiers journey to the depths of the planet to end the mutants once and for all, saving the Earth. John Malkovich plays Capitol's CEO, who can abandon Earth at a moments notice, leaving its human inhabitants unprotected and vulnerable to the mutants. Ron Perlman is Brother Samuel a man who believes that he is the prophesied "deliverer" of man. It's Samuel who convinces Hunter to lead the battle and save the world. Also make a mutant appearance is katana wielding bad-ass butt-kicker Devon Aoki.

Event Horizon writer Phillip Eisner is penning this screenplay, which means it should be scary as all hell. Note to Eisner: please reprise characters going crazy and ripping out their eyes, still number one scary moment in my scifi books.

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