Must Watch: The CG Effects of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You probably didn't realize how much CG animation there is in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — and not just in the big obvious scenes where stuff is vanishing. This VFX reel for Michel Gondry's masterpiece is an eye-opener.


In particular, this reel shows how a great filmmaker can use CG to help tell a story, instead of just overwhelming you with oceans of Velveeta. These effects, and the reel, were created by Buzz Image, a VFX firm which — true to the state of the industry generally — apparently doesn't exist any more. [via Filmmaker IQ]


Henry Joseph Oberon

What's amazing here isn't that there's "so much" CG but how much of the CG was clever-usage CG. It's all pretty lo-fi even for CG stuff, really. Flipped shots and such, that's just awesome.

Also, I've seen this movie maybe 30 or more times, I'd never noticed: why does Clementine only have one leg in that shot?