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A Must-Watch Mystery About A Man Trapped In A Probability Experiment

Anyone who likes twisting, turning narratives, science fiction thought experiments, or films that explore the nature of identity absolutely must take 15 minutes out of their day for this short film. A man wakes to find he's a lab rat in a bizarre experiment—and he's not the only one of him there.


Justin Tagg directed the tense head-scratcher Mouse-X, and over at Short of the Week, he explains the ideas about identity and selfhood playing out in the film. Are we the sum of our choices? Are we a mere collection of realized probabilities, or do our choices matter in our identity?

Of course, it helps that, in addition to asking all these questions, the film has a wonderfully unnerving atmosphere with its mind-tripping corridor and the room our lab rat returns to no matter which door he enters.


Mouse-X [via Short of the Week]

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Pie 'oh' Pah

I love stories like this, and it was very well done. The visuals were engaging, and the music deserves a special mention as well. Thanks as usual, Lauren.