Must Watch: Aardman Animations' Ultra-Cute Claymation Batman and Catwoman

Aardman Animations, the people behind Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, are doing new claymation shorts starring DC Comics superheroes as part of Cartoon Network's new DC Nation block of programming. (Which will also include Plastic Man cartoons and a short series about superheroines teaming up called Super Best Friends Forever.) And now, here's your first glimpse at Aardman's take on DC characters. Could there anything cuter than claymation Catwoman explaining (in a little girl's overdubbed voice) that her cat mask covers her nose? And then... the hairball.



James Whitbrook

It looks like they're doing something akin to Creature Comforts, but with superheroes rather than animals, which is great!

I still kinda wished they'd done an aardman-style take on Adam West Batman though, there would've been something vaguely Wallace & Gromit-y about it. But yeah, this is cool stuff so far!