Must-see TV shows are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: Mork and Mindy
Date: 1978-1982

Vitals: An alien named Mork comes to Earth, where he snorts so much cocaine that he damages his membranes and has to use his fingers to drink water. Later, Mork marries his human sidekick Mindy and they give birth to an old guy.

Famous names: Robin Williams, Pam Dawber, Garry Marshall, Jonathan Winters

Crunchy goodness: 4

Stunt casting: Raquel Welch as the evil Captain Nirvana, wearing a baby-blue outer-space version of a Vegas showgirl outfit, complete with silver thigh-high boots.


Memorable product tie-in: Th e talking Mork rag-doll sells for $15-20 on eBay (out of its packaging.) There's also the intriguingly named "Rub'n'Play Colorforms set."

Life lesson: Humans are lying, cheating bastards, and it only takes one totally guileless person to unravel the fabric of society, and before you know it, we're running through the streets with a bloody human femur in our mouths.

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