Mondo Gallery is opening an exhibit of gorgeous art celebrating some of Disney's biggest films on Friday in Austin. There's a good chance you'll be able to buy prints of the art down the road, but meanwhile some of it has turned up online, and it's both nostalgic and stunning.

The Incredibles, by Tom Whalen

The Lion King by Tom Whalen

Aladdin by Tom Whalen


Peter Pan by JC Richard

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Anne Benjamin


Beauty and the Beast by Martin Ansin

The Sword in the Stone by Rich Kelly


Winnie the Pooh, by Dave Perillo

Wall-E, by Kevin Tong


The Rescuers by David Petersen

Up by Kevin Tong


The Cat from Outer Space by Jay Shaw

Sleeping Beauty by Billy Baumann


The Black Hole by Killian Eng

Fantasia by Jeff Soto


Alice in Wonderland by Ken Taylor

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