Illustration for article titled Muslim Wonder Woman redesign puts Diana in a headscarf

Artist flowercrownprincess envisions Wonder Woman as a hijab-wearing Muslim superhero, who is ready to battle evil in both armor and a headscarf.


The one tweak I'd suggest for this design is to add sleeves extending down to the gauntlets, but otherwise, this is a lovely take on Wonder Woman, with the star-spangled skirt over the full leggings and the tiara securing the headscarf. While a female Muslim superhero wouldn't necessarily don a hijab (just look at Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel), this illustration gives us a sense of how a headscarf and a classic superhero costume can mix.

The artist, who also goes by Alex, accepts commissions.

Update: The artist redrew this outfit to give Wonder Woman sleeves and change her stance. You can check out the redone illustration on flowercrownprincess' blogflowercrownprincess' blog and it will available as a print through Etsy soon.


[FlowerCrownPrincess via Rahzzah]

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