Murderous Pig People Hate Lil' Romeo

Run, adorable baby rapper from the 1990s! Your dad (Master P)'s Pig People want to eat you and steal your stylishly accessorized hoodies! Plus, there's a trailer for the cute little love story Nightfur.

Lil' Romeo and Master P's horror movie The Pig People has two trailers full of scared teens and strange looking, erm... um... well... Pig People. Check it out - They have little ears, a snout, and love devouring human flesh and wearing outfits, just like Wilbur.


Okay, so this is what I think happens in this movie: There is a romance between a voyeuristic astrophysicist and a short-haired girl. Anyone else know anything about this? I'm crazy confused. For some reason it reminds me a bit of I Heart Huckabees, with the cloudy plot.


Here is the full official trailer for the French movie Humains. It's your standard, "many people go into a cave, and only a few come out" story. But these monsters aren't pigs or crawlers, but the missing link. Let's be honest; there is NO WAY these monkey people could top the gray gorillas from Congo, unless they can talk... Can they talk, Jacques-Olivier Molon? And if they do, do they sound like Nell, but with a Swedish accent, since it's set in the Alps? Thanks for finding this trailer Quiet Earth!


La Horde:

We're very sorry we missed this little behind-the-scenes look at French zombie film La Horde, but it gives a close look into how they will be dealing with zombie crowd control (here's a hint it involves death and guns):

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Oh merde, the list of things I don't want just grew.