Murder Me Monster's Trailer Is a Haunting Look at the Beast Within

Open wide?
Open wide?
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What if Dial M for Murder, but an eldritch horror shows up and beheads you?

Empire has revealed a new trailer for the 2018 Argentinian fantasy horror Murder Me Monster, written and directed by Alejandro Fadel, finally making its subtitled release next month.

Starring Victor Lopez as homicide detective Cruz as he investigates the beheading of a young woman in which her husband is the prime suspect, Murder Me Monster plunges Cruz into a dark exploration of the supernatural when said prime suspect claims the real perpetrator is a legendary monster, summoned to kill its victims with the plea “murder me, monster.” It’s a trailer that’s big on the atmosphere rather than the horror of it all, although the fleeting glimpses of the monster as it builds to its climax gives it that hard dive into less of the moody crime drama vibe and more into the straight-up creature feature. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though—the kind of True Detective aesthetic for a monster movie is an interesting angle.

Murder Me Monster is set to release in a limited theatrical capacity and on-demand in the UK on December 4.


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